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30-March-2020 15:19
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by Ann

A short video of the brilliant Bill Gates was sent to me recently by Nick, George’s son and it’s well worth watching, he predicted a virus like Coronavirus four years ago and warned how the world was simply not prepared for it. It never ceases to amaze me why governments around the world ignore brilliant minds like that of Bill Gates? They ignore their knowledge, wisdom and common-sense approach, presumably because its not what the politicians want to hear?

On the yard there is no one with brains like Bill Gates, but I have been trying my hand at reading the ‘crystal ball’. I am certain that if I get it right, I will be able to see when racing will resume and in what format. But make no mistake and joking aside there IS a plan and it’s a very good one that fills me with hope and confidence.

 The powers that be are ‘aiming’ at a May 1st resumption date, personally I find this highly unlikely but either way, the important thing for racings participants, especially for owners who pay the bills and trainers who need to try get the balancing act just right between keeping horses ticking over and having them ready to run, is that we understand what the plan is and have complete confidence in it.

Today’s blog isn’t meant to replicate an A ‘Level students’ homework, despite how it looks but I promise you its worth taking the time to immerse yourself in it. The work that has gone into this plan is incredible and very impressive. Put the kettle on, make a coffee, the caffeine might help.

Bill Gates video link here


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