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23-March-2020 15:43
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Rumour has it that former jockey Kieren Fallon’s bid to do his shopping in super-fast time proved disastrous (according to the Racing Post) thanks to the not so Great, British trend of panic buying. After running out of room to manoeuvre in the crowds - and patience for standing in long lines of potentially unhealthy people, he allegedly quit Tesco for a stab at Aldi where it seemed slightly less frenetic but there was still no sign of any pasta and where we are reliably informed “baked beans were scarce."

On the hill at “Sun Hill” here in North Yorkshire things were a lot more serene, the most exciting thing to happen was a wonderful sun set. George is delighted to still be able to play out on his tractor and the yard is strange and almost eerie, James has lots of time on his hands to play games with Gunner while Anna called in to the office because she was ‘bored’ at home but found there was nothing for her do to. The Rehab centre lacks rehab horses. The Lodges were closed down today for the foreseeable future and only 121workwear are looking anything like ‘normal’ – whatever ‘normal’ is nowadays. They have morphed into a different business temporarily and are following a new line away from the usual supply, print and embroidery of everything from bobble hats and tee shirts to fancy jackets and uniform to something infinitely more important to do with the NHS and general health of the population.

At least the messages keep coming in to keep us all smiling and it would be rude not to share this with you below- along with some fun pictures.



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