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16-April-2020 16:23
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Finding things to write about that are not too boring, miserable or depressing is a tad more difficult than I might have imagined. In fact blog writing is like a new art form, work with the horses and elsewhere at Sun Hill is the same, yet different. The routines are similar, but not the same. Confused? Join the club.

Social media is busier than ever and on twitter recently someone posted some great pictures and comments about George from his racing days, including one super video bringing back happy memories.


The horses are looking good and are plenty fit enough, having the water treadmill is a massive bonus for us because we can achieve a lot more with it to further enhance horse’s fitness than we ever could without it. Our vast and newly fenced paddocks are another big bonus and heaven only knows how those yards with little or no access to grazing and turn out manage.

Ironically, I am extremely grateful not to have many horses after our enforced cut back in horse numbers in 2016. We are making the most of this quiet period and getting jobs done that have been waiting a long time to be considered, let alone dealt with.

George remains as active as ever in the gardens and on the farm, the swans are loving the peace and quiet while they bring up their little brood and they love it when we go to feed them.

The NTF and BHA are working very hard on plans for racings comeback and Thursdays are marked with a zoom conference call in which no one really wants to be seen but everyone is happy to be heard. A tremendous amount of work is going in to ensure we can get racing going again and to preserve racing, trainers’ businesses, staff jobs and owners interests. More on this soon.

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