Sunshine at Sun Hill

08-April-2020 18:00
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by Ann

The Sunshine at Sun Hill was fabulous today and we were able to get some of the horses outside for a bit of downtime. The water treadmill was kept busy this morning with Stripey performing his usual ‘nanny’ role looking after the horses who are less experienced. Stripey might be an ‘elderly gent’ but he looks as fit and well as ever as he towers over Sarah!

 Sarah and Stripey 

There might be no racing right now but, on the farm, generally things are busier than ever and George is in his element as the sun shines and the gardens start to come alive. In fact, we are managing to get a lot more work done than we normally would, so we are taking advantage of our holiday lodge closure and working harder than ever on making sure that when we can welcome both owners and guests back to Sun Hill, everywhere will look better than ever.

One of our natural ponds is full of nature at its best, although I am not sure the pair of ‘fog lovers’ disturbed by George placing them on a shovel to show them off, would have appreciated it.  Lillie and Lionel, a stunning pair of black swans residing on another pond here are also hoping to welcome cygnets into the world soon as ‘Lillie’ has been sitting on her nest for several weeks now and the CCTV cameras on her nest will give us a birds eye view of her progress. Pardon the pun!

Halfway there on a recently refurbished rockery

Meanwhile Troop and Gainsborough Grey had a ball playfighting in the field while Uncle Charlie and Quercus looked on in amusement- see photos at the foot of this blog.

Showing off!

 While one chap has a very firm idea of how he wants to spend his quarantine.

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