The difference a day makes

07-March-2018 17:00
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by Hayley

The difference a day (or two) makes... A definite feeling of spring in the air today, the sky was blue, the sun was shining and the last remnants of snow are now long gone. Mimic's Memory is absolutely fine this morning, for those who were concerened after she was bumped into the rail yesterday by another horse.  We received a lot of support from trainers, racing fanatics and the more sensible punters after we posted yesterday's blog on twitter. We're 99% sure of who the delightful caller was and it seems his sole purpose in life is to target trainers and jockeys on the social media platform with utterly vile comments all day, every day - he must be a very unhappy chappy! All importantly, the owner was delighted with how she came back from her troubles in running to finish a close third, and isn't that what it's all about?

Dale has returned from holiday and will be back behind the wheel of the horsebox tomorrow, when he takes Gorse to Newcastle - I should think the horsebox could make the journey up the A1 itself, we've been there so often! Hopefully the boys bring home another all-weather winner. Sugar Beach left to go to stud first thing this morning - she never quite performed on the track the way that she did at home but she's a lovely mare and will make a nice broodmare. A hectic office had Anna and I searching for the chocolate by mid-morning, luckily for my waistline we couldn't source any! 


Winners & Placed Horses

  • Highly Focussed

    Newcastle - 1.11.18 - WIN

  • Arnold

    Beverley - 16.8.18 - WIN

  • Nifty Niece

    Catterick - 18.7.18 - WIN

  • Highly Focussed

    Beverley - 17.7.18 - WIN

  • Arnold

    Beverley - 17.7.18 - WIN

  • Uncle Charlie

    Carlisle - 18.6.18 - WIN

  • Uncle Charlie

    Carlisle - 7.6.18 - WIN

  • Nifty Niece

    Catterick - 1.6.18 - WIN

  • Troop

    Hamilton - 31.5.18 - WIN

  • Bibbidibobbidiboo

    Catterick - 24.5.18 - WIN


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