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05-February-2018 16:55
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by Hayley 

I've been enjoying watching the female jockeys doing well recently, under both codes. Nicola Currie is doing very well on the flat and jump jockey Bryony Frost is making serious waves. Frost especially, is great for racing. I'm positive that she enjoys every winner, but you are left in absolutely no doubt how much the Saturday winners mean to her. Crossing the winning line grinning from ear to ear, there's none of the 'too cool for school' attitude that some display. Her post-race interviews showcase her immense enthusiasm and passion for her craft - racing needs characters more like her. Not only is she incredibly endearing, but she's a top-class jockey in the making. Attached to a major yard, operating at an 18% strike rate and garnering winnings of almost half a million for this season alone, I think we can expect to see a whole lot more of her. Wouldn't it be great to see her ride another Cheltenham Festival winner, this time as a pro? 

Bryony has a column in this weeks Racing Post which you can read here.

Just the one potential runner this week with Mimic's Memory receiving an entry for Newcastle on Friday evening. It was treatening to snow while we were riding out this morning. Nothing worse than a few specks but it is forecast to be rather cold this evening, with the BBC telling us to expect to wake up to a covering. Once again, the survival of tomorrow's jump meetings is in the lap of the God's with inspections scheduled for Market Rasen and Sedgefield. 

 Mimic's Memory (photographed in warmer months!)

Winners & Placed Horses

  • Highly Focussed

    Newcastle - 16.2.17 - WIN

  • Lady Lintera

    Newcastle - 19.1.18 - WIN

  • Rosina

    Newcastle - 02.01.18 - WIN

  • Rosina

    Chelmsford - 14.12.17 - WIN

  • I'm Yer Man

    Chelmsford - 14.12.17 - WIN

  • Cuppacoco

    Newcastle - 4.11.17 - WIN

  • Hilary J

    Newcastle - 24.10.17 - WIN

  • Cuppacoco

    Newcastle - 19.10.17 - WIN

  • Canford's Joy

    Catterick - 23.9.17 - WIN

  • Canford's Joy

    Carlisle - 23.8.17 - WIN


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