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03-October-2018 12:23
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by Hayley

Did you see the amusing video of the horse that popped into the French bar for a drink yesterday?

Yesterday, at a training facility near Chantilly, a horse dumped it's rider and decided to cross the road and head to the local PMU - a cafe/bar that (fittingly) shows racing and takes bets on races too. I'm sure it came as a serious surprise to the unsuspecting customers as the horse burst in and bucked it's way through the establishment in a bid to rid itself of the saddle! Thankfully, nobody was injured, the horse was totally fine and what could've been a nightmare resulted in an amusing story instead. 

It reminded us of the time a fully saddled racehorse burst into the kitchen area of the canteen at Redcar racecourse on a busy race day, much to the horror of the dinner ladies seving lunch in there. Luckily, we had a cool headed member of staff who happened to be in the canteen at the time, and she climbed over the counter and caught the escapee - it was all caught on camera and did the rounds on social media of course!

We have two runners at Newcastle this evening, both for owner Evelyn, Duchess of Sutherland, Nifty Niece and Gorse who will be having his first run since March after taking the summer to strengthen and grow.

DGA Racing have had to cancel their open morning which was due to be held this Sunday, but any members currently involved or potential owners who would like to come and have look at their horses are welcome to book a visit - if you could call the office on 01677 450303 and let us know in advance, that would be fantastic. 

Winners & Placed Horses

  • Miss Bates

    Newcastle - 17.1.19 - WIN

  • Highly Focussed

    Newcastle - 1.11.18 - WIN

  • Arnold

    Beverley - 16.8.18 - WIN

  • Nifty Niece

    Catterick - 18.7.18 - WIN

  • Highly Focussed

    Beverley - 17.7.18 - WIN

  • Arnold

    Beverley - 17.7.18 - WIN

  • Uncle Charlie

    Carlisle - 18.6.18 - WIN

  • Uncle Charlie

    Carlisle - 7.6.18 - WIN

  • Nifty Niece

    Catterick - 1.6.18 - WIN

  • Troop

    Hamilton - 31.5.18 - WIN


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