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Duffield's Diary

Catching up, breakfast with owners and schooling over poles

Ann Duffield | Saturday, 25 October 2014 © Ann Duffield Racing

Much of the past week has been spent catching up after spending 'forever' at yearling sales and, crucially getting to know the yearlings both here and at the farm. There are seven yearlings back home now, all cantering, with My Amigo setting tongues wagging already. Ridden yesterday by George, this big, impressive strangely coloured colt

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Sales and lots of millions

Ann Duffield | Tuesday, 21 October 2014 © Ann Duffield Racing

A lot seems to have happended since the last "blog entry". Record sales were announced following Newmarket's book two and, at the time of writing the last blog Sheikh Mohammad had reportedly forked out some eight million pounds in two days. The real total of his collosal spending spree was in fact, nearer eighteen million. Book one

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Yearling sales continue

Ann Duffield | Thursday, 09 October 2014 © Ann Duffield Racing

Allen contiunes his sterling work at the farm with the yearlings. There are twenty two of the little darlings over there at present, with another (very exciting filly) due to arrive tomorrow from Newmarkets Book one sale. While George and Rowan rode two colts this morning in the menage and through the starting stalls, Allen worked on the one colt

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Over zealous doctors or just poor communication?

Ann Duffield | Tuesday, 07 October 2014 © Ann Duffield Racing

The past week has been an interesting one, some horses are being roughed off for the winter, others remain in work, yearlings are being broken in and are mostly,  behaving well, although one is proving to be particularly naughty. One of the most challenging situations recently, came about as a result of a fall last week at Newcastle of one o

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End of September breaks records for AJ and his team

Ann Duffield | Tuesday, 30 September 2014 © Ann Duffield Racing

Rust showed his enigmatic side today at Ayr, he had run a great race last time out at Hamilton only to be denied another win by a wall of horses, while In Vino Veritas who also went painfully close at Hamilton recently before being made far too much use of when tackling onle mile seven last time, (under another jockey as PJ was unavilable due to

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Duffield’s Diary

Much of the past week has been spent catching up after spending 'forever' at yearling sales and, crucially getting to know the yearlings bot...Read More






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