Sunshine and Snow

17-January-2018 16:14
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by Hayley

A dusting of snow adorned the Yorkshire Dales today and despite the bright sunshine, it was very, very chilly. Yellow weather warnings have been issued for tonight, snow and wind are forecast but according to the BBC, the snow should've disappeared by the morning and the wind by mid-morning. Fingers crossed. The sprinkling of white stuff wasn't enough to stop us, the gallops were fine and safe to use and the horses went about their exercise as usual. 

The sunshine allowed me to pop outside quickly and snap a couple of photos - in my opinion, there's no finer subject than the thoroughbred, I could stand there all day should time permit it. As the weather improves, I will be able to spend much more time outside photographing the troops and sending the photos to owners as well as using them on the blog - unfortunately, damaging one expensive camera lens beyond repair has ensured that I am now a fair weather 'photographer'!

In the office, Anna was driven mad by a very clingy Charlie - you may have seen the photo of him standing on her chair (while she is sitting in it) a few blogs ago. Charlie likes to kiss, cuddle and generally pester her every few minutes, he doesn't play it very cool! The arrival of Alan Court was most welcome, not just because it's good to see owners, but because it gave Anna 10 minutes respite from Charlie's affections. 


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