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09-April-2018 16:19
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by Hayley 

No need to dwell on the weather today because it’s been lovely, and we simply cannot complain!

Hilary J’s half-sister, Heartstring, is currently being broken in by Allen and today Anna leant over her for the first time. So far, the filly has learnt to lunge, accept being tacked up and has been driven (steered) by Allen on the long-reins but today was the first time she has felt the weight and sensation of having a person on her back. You very slowly and gently lean across the horse’s back and get them used to the unfamiliar feeling. Depending on how accepting the horse is of this new experience, the next step will be to lightly sit on the horses back, rising up slowly to sit up straight, sitting very still. No feet in stirrups just yet! So far, Heartstring has been a very quick learner and we are looking forward to seeing her progress more and more every day.

The video below was taken last week. We hope to bring a more up to date video very soon.

Heartstring begins the breaking in process 

Heartstring has been leased by DGA Racing syndicate, you may contact Paul Thompson if you’d like to get involved –

Tomorrow, Ann will be at the Breeze-up sales in Doncaster – if you’re interested in a horse, please contact Ann on 07802496332

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