George, the "charmer" and some high mileage jackets

05-September-2016 16:02
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George has been busy trying to get a bit fitter for Wednesday's renewal of the "Leger Legends race" at Doncaster, he is probably the fittest man of his age 'in living memory' but it is debatable if that will make him fit enough given that he is once again to tackle some younger (but also retired) jockeys. He spent the last ten years of his professional life riding winners against lads half his age and his hunger for success and his fearsome competitive edge has not diminished with age.  Joseph O'Brien, Richard Hughes and Adrian Nicholls (aka Trotter) are all only recently retired and will still be "reasonably close" to race fitness while Dale Gibson, Luke Harvey(AKA leglock Luke) Peter Buchanan, Ollie Pears, Billy Newnes, Tony Culhane, Tom McLaughlin, Tony Clark, Gay Kelleway and Gary Bardwell (AKA the Angry Ant) will all be pretty fit too.

I was just glad to see my "two old stagers"- Red Charmer who, at the grand old age of six is one of the oldest horses here partnered up with the oldest work rider here in George, at least between them they "should" be able to look after each other. Hopefully George will behave himself this time and not get in a tussle with another jockey like he and Mick Kinane did in this race a couple of years ago when the pair fought out a thrilling finish. George managed to pick up a £300 fine from the stewards for "excessive use". In the enquiry after the race George told the stewards the "occasion had got the better of him". He said he had always wanted to use that excuse for years but of course that would never have been acceptable, professional or permissable! When the time came it was just hilarious and the stewards loved it, they kindly said if George could raise enough money to match the fine for the charities coffers, they would waive it. 

Our table duly went round the very posh marquee with hats and empty ice buckets collecting money and soon raised a further £900 or so.

While work goes on in the yard the "other" workshop is also very busy. A couple of dozen smart new jackets, polo shirts and various other items of attendants clothing for owner "Craig Buckingham " of "Redrock Partnerships" were recently dispatched to Craig for distribution among his various other trainers, except AJ's staff didn't realise one of those trainers just happens to me, so the clothing made here and destined for my staff to use when Craigs horses race has been made, embroidered, shipped and it now on its way back again. Lets hope George and Red Charmer don't take the long route on Town Moore on Wednesday!

PS if you haven't already sponsored him please do so, every little helps towards this great cause.   




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